Have you heard of the Peacekeeper App? In a few words, it is to police what Bitcoin is to the Federal Reserve. where can i buy viagra online

That is, a vastly superior alternative. magnus 50 mg sildenafil

Peacekeeper allows friends, family, and neighbors to add one another to an Emergency Response Network. If trouble ever arises, instead of calling 911, a victim need only tell the Peacekeeper app what’s going on: fire, home break-in, heart attack, whatever. what is the use of viagra tablet

This immediately notifies everyone within the victim’s Emergency Response Network that help is needed. Trusted community members who’ve pre-identified themselves as capable in CPR, firearm defense, or de-escalation can then respond.

No more calling strangers. No more hoping that someone shows up before you or your loved ones suffer irreversible injuries. No more risk that your “emergency responder” may actually harm you instead of help you.

Peacekeeper has been operational for over a year now, and has been primarily self-funded by the passionate entrepreneur who started it. Now Peacekeeper is holding a crowdfund on IndieGoGo to support further development.

Visit their crowdfund here and kick them a few Federal Reserve Notes. Or if you’d rather use a market-based currency, visit their homepage here to send them some Bitcoin.

But most important, download the app yourself — it’s available on both iOS and Android. Connect with your neighbors today to form your own Emergency Response Network.

Take the police state off speed dial. Watch how it all works in this video. cialis 5 mg filmtabletta